" Members of The World  Couple's Day Committee "
 - established for the Globalization of the World Couple's Day -

- Instrument -

* Advisor ; Assemblyman  Lee, Ju-young
                  Chairman of Gyemyung Univ.,  Jung Soon-mo,
                  Mayor of Jinju-city  Lee, Chang-hee

* Co-representative ; Attorney Kwon, Young-sang & Doctor Kim, Yong-wan

* Secretary-General ; Advocator  Kwon, Jae-do

* Honorary Ambassador ; Singer  Kim, Jong-hwan

- Working -

* for establishing as a national anniversary of the G20 Members'.

* for opening The World Couple's Day Ceremonies and Festivals of the G20 Members' and 
  the others.

* for establishing of the World Couple's Day by the United Nations.

- The National Couple Festival of Korea 2007 of the 13th World Couple's Day at the Yoido Park, Seoul -

- Assemblyman Lee, Joung-young couple, Rev Kwon Jae-do, and a singer Kim, Jong-hwan
at IPU Thailand assembly, Bangkok -