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" The World Couple's Day[bubuday] movement "

The World Couple's Day[bubuday] movement was begun first over the world by the pastor kwon Jae-do&You Seong-sook couple, the advocator and representative of 'The World Couple's Day Committee, Changwon-city in Korea, on May 21, 1995.

The World Couple's Day Committee was organized on 1998, which have played most important part in passing the National Assembly of Korea(by the assemblyman Lee, Ju-young) as one of the national anniversary. With 'Couple's Prizes of the Year', 'producing of the Couple's Day Song(by a famous singer, Kim Jong-hwan)', and the pronounce of the Presidential Law on May 2, 2007(Presidential Law, No.20045), it have been spread as the representative couple's cultural festival of Korea and is opened per 80 cities every year. Which means 'The Two(2) Become One(1)', every husband presents red roses to his wife and every wife gives pink roses to her husband this day.

- The National Assembly Ceremony 2017 of the 23th World Couple's Day Anniversary -